home base

Home, for the last year and 3 months, has been a beautiful farm called Santosha, just outside Lismore. When I decided to live a low-impact and moneyless life for a while, I asked my friends on this farm if I could live there for a year to kick off this ‘experiment’. They were very welcoming […]

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Time rich

I live a ‘time rich’ lifestyle. I have, in moments, felt guilty because I feel like I’m on a pretty constant holiday and I watch others around me struggle to maintain some equilibrium living a ‘normal’ life. I started calling this the ‘slow life’ until I heard a guy in the US, Ethan Hughes, refer […]

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happily penniless

I guess it’s time to start blogging. I have put it off long enough– not really sure why. I’m feeling self indulgent though and want to talk about this stuff, so here goes…… I have decided that, because I’m nearing the first year of living without money and have left this story-telling so late, I […]

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