Time rich

I live a ‘time rich’ lifestyle. I have, in moments, felt guilty because I feel like I’m on a pretty constant holiday and I watch others around me struggle to maintain some equilibrium living a ‘normal’ life. I started calling this the ‘slow life’ until I heard a guy in the US, Ethan Hughes, refer to this as normal life and everything else is the ‘fast life’. How true.

I had intended to be using my time to just kind of float around visiting and helping people out (as reflected in my first journal entry below). Instead, I have really just ended up helping out friends sometimes and being on the farm doing stuff the rest of the time. There’s nothing wrong with how it’s turned out but it’s just not been as ‘floaty’ as I expected.

April 25th 2014
There seems to be an amazingly easy way to touch real joy – help. In helping others, giving to others, we are able to feel again, in a way that not much else can bring. Maybe this is just for me, but I definitely see other people light up when they get the chance to really help another person – especially spontaneously. I wonder….. I will watch some more. I will help some more…
I think maybe it is more beneficial to do something for another when it is spontaneous or not expected. I think this is better because it feels empowering at the same time. What a heady mix! When I have the power to choose when and how and how much to help another, I truly give from my heart. There is no involvement with the head and calculations about who does what and how much – estimating and equalising. I can give in a way that works for me and also make your life easier – it’s a good situation! I will do this more and more…….




8 thoughts on “Time rich

  1. Ha ha yes, It’s quite satisfying hanging out in the garden. I like it a lot. Mulching, listening, watering, harvesting. Just being without needing to be somewhere some time. Having said that time with friends is also appreciated when “the planets align”.. would love to listen to your interview alas something has gone wrong and ot doesn’t play. I tried searching Soundcloud but so far nothing. Any ideas? Cheery O


      1. No need to apologise, it would have been lovely to hear you and your thoughts on this incredible way of living (yeah still wearing rosy sunnies here). If you find it I’ll be v grateful but don’t stress.

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      2. Didn’t find it so have removed it now. There are other interviews if you haven’t found them yet – one in ‘About’ page from the ABC and one at the bottom of the ‘Happily penniless’ page.

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  2. fascinated by your experiences and what you are doing
    good on you I say
    love your website layout and pics
    i shifted from the city 5 years ago to propery and find our finances reduced
    we are no where near living with no money like you are however, i have really come to appreciate the benefits of NOT shopping, travelling, renovating etc etc
    life is more peaceful
    i can relate to the freedom and benefits of being so close to nature and flowing with life

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