My 12 step program

While I understand the necessity of challenging the structures we live under that allow planet-destroying behaviours to remain the norm, I am also a big believer in action at an individual level. We can all make changes in our lives that can take power away from corporations and destructive governments where they are damaging our […]

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Moneyless Eating

Living without money has had its challenges but eating a good variety of food has not been one of them. I was quite nervous about feeding myself before I started this ‘experiment’ in low impact, moneyless living and have found that it takes very little to feed one person. It would have been more difficult, […]

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Rocket stovin’

I cook on a little messy pile of old, rotten, crumbling bricks I found lying on the side of the road – my very own rocket stove. She’s as dodgy as they come but she works a treat. The real difficulties I’ve faced when cooking at home is learning about wood – or, in this […]

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