new digs

My friend, Emma, kindly offered me her place to stay while she is overseas for the next two months – thanks heaps Emma and Johnny! So, I’m staying in a very different environment for now and making my life low impact in the ‘burbs.

Normally I would not stay in someone’s place if they were away for an extended period of time, because it usually means using new resources for me alone (kinda’ against my loose ‘rules’). In this situation though, Emma and Johnny have a little place that is solar powered (grid connected) and has rain water in some parts of the house…..

I’m working out how to be as low impact here as I can without money and still be comfortable. I’ve used the gas cooktop twice in the last week. I’ll be using my old slow cooker during the day to reduce resource use (apparently slow cookers use very little energy). I have started heating water for cuppas in the microwave because I can use less power that way -during the day at least, when the sun is doing its thing. I have been turning the gas off at the bottle and have only turned it on when I’ve cooked on the stove. My thinking here is to stop the gas from automatically boosting the solar hot water (I will obviously shower in the afternoons when the water heated by the sun will be at its warmest).

Food might be a bit interesting as I no longer have access to a lovely vegie garden. I will be looking at options and will share these as I go. There are other adventures and many new challenges to be had in this new environment and I will need to adapt as best I can. I do certainly enjoy the need/opportunity for creative thinking that I force upon myself by doing this.

I am very grateful to Emma and Johnny for their generosity in allowing me to stay here while they’re away. It’s a wonderful opportunity. I will be spending lots of time writing, both at the house and in the local library. I love libraries!

I’m in the library as I write this. Rode here on Emma’s bike. I’m so very unfit – arrived sweaty, breathless and with a well elevated heart rate! This riding into town thing will certainly give me the cardio workout I was previously getting from working on the farm, so, although my legs are wobbly, I am pleased.

I’ve been sitting here gazing out the window – something a person in my position can do regularly – watching some kind of battle to the death between two magpies on the ground outside. A woman finally walked up to them and, after pushing the aggressor off the victim a number of times with her boot, picked up the poor thing that was still lying on its back on the ground and walked off with it – the aggressor hopping along the ground after them. It was a moment in time – something strange was happening in the natural world just outside the library window. I noticed though, that I was the only one who noticed……that feels strange.


4 thoughts on “new digs

  1. Lovely Jo.
    Very happy to hear that you have a safe and beautiful place to stay.
    Liked the Magpie part, is this not what life should really be about? These moments stay with us long after.. Much Love.
    Xxx Rach


  2. Hey there Jo, yeah Maggies can be aggressive as. They swoop humans which are way bigger than them so they certainly have a lot of guts. Having said that I’ve rarely seen them fight each other and certainly never to death. Not sure what could have happened to set them off like that. Hope the under dog recovered.

    I love bikes, they keep us fit whilst we get somewhere…for free, no petrol or gym membership required and anytime’s a great time (rain aside). Actually i cant believe so many people would waste their energy (which they get from nature) doing absolutely nothing productive to make up for a sedentary job that mostly do not much for nature. If you are into science of energy transformation…. this makes zero sense and they actually pay for the privilege which incidentally then means longer working hours or not being able to reduce their corporate working days. If someone tried to describe this futuristic scenario to another even just 50 years prior insane would have been the likely response. Time for a serious reality check. This system is so obsolete it is depressing ……

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