mum’s hankies

Who would have thought something as banal as nose wiping gear could be so full of meaning? I’ve found this a common occurrence living without money – little things loaded with significance, value, richness. The little becomes big. While visiting my parents the other day, the subject of tissues came up – probably because I […]

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family cloths

I’m feeling brave today. I’m ready to let you know about my new ‘luxury’ product. Welcome to the world of the ‘family cloth’. That’s the name given to these special items in certain online communities. They’re basically just rags I’ve taken to using instead of toilet paper (just for wees at the moment – still […]

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I’ve been suffering from a touch of food insecurity. Without a garden full of vegies or the money to buy food, I was starting to feel a bit insecure about accessing food here in town. I could, of course, go bin diving – and still may – but that would most likely involve being out […]

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