where to next

I am a very fortunate person, living a privileged life in a wealthy country. Choosing to live without money, I still have a much easier life than so many in this world.  At the moment though, I am feeling the stress of being temporarily homeless even as I know millions of people around the world feel this all the time and our culture relentlessly pushes other creatures off their land.

I am so small in this big world and I feel lost. I have always had somewhere secure to live. As an adult I have been a rent payer and more recently, as a moneyless woman, I have used other ways of securing a place to live. I have been fortunate so far, firstly being welcomed at Santosha and then having the generous offer to stay at Emma’s place in Byron for two months while she was away

Here are some of my current options:

a) live at a friend’s house and help her and her husband finish renovating it so they can sell it and move to the country

b) take myself off to Queensland and live with my parents for a while (they would really like that and I have been missing family a bit of late)

c) move in with my ex special someone and help him renovate his new house (but he is my ex so, as much as we both might like that, it’s not such a good plan)

d) go to a local farm where I can help out in exchange for a place to live and grow food  (I have been offered a few options of this sort)

e) go travelling – couchsurfing, HelpXing and WWOOFing my way around Australia

f) live in a squat (I have some contacts and could probably make this happen)

I am having more trouble deciding at this point because I have a couple of other questions about my life’s direction floating around in my head. I think this is stalling me from accepting some awesome offers I have had. I am in a massive personal transition at the moment.

However, in making a decision about where to next, I will keep my low impact aims at the forefront and balance these with emotional needs. I would like to be in the country where I can feel the expanse and touch reality (the natural world) every day. I need to be able to grow food and/or access waste food easily. I need access to water, sun for my solar panel and a roof over my head. I need emotional support and friends around.

I have been floating between friends for the last week and have had the luxury of time and space to work out some stuff in my head/heart. I help out where I go and try not to use too much in the way of their resources (sometimes I am better at this than others).

Ultimately, my wish is to live communally with other low impacters and collaborate to create a place for others to come and live for free and display the possibilities of a compassionate, low impact world. It is not a destitute, hard place as some would have us believe. We can create the new world we know is possible. 


Below is an accommodation idea adapted from Liselotte Roosen who is doing a similar thing in Norway. Thanks for the idea, Liselotte. I’ll use it someday I’m sure. It may help someone else out there to know that this approach can work to secure a place to live.


Journal entry from 11th May 2016:

Possible accommodation advertisement to distribute around Sydney – 

My partner and I are trying to live in a way that reduces our environmental footprint as much as possible. Part of our plan is to find a small cabin/shack to live in where we can supply some food we grow and collect in lieu of rent. We are very handy people to have around  and may also be able to do some other odd jobs around the place. We would ideally like to be within 10 – 15 minutes bike ride to a train station. We will supply all our own amenities and can take on some repair and maintenance work on the shack. For ideas, questions or offers please contact Jo on ……..





5 thoughts on “where to next

  1. For what its worth, I suggest you move in with your ex and see if you can make it work. There is obviously a lot of love there and you seem to need to let things play out. If they are comfortable trying again then you could both gain happiness or closure dependant on the outcome and move forward positively.

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  2. I’m so happy u made a choice to stay in the rainbow with shazza and all of us who adore who u are and appreciate your brave way of life. u inspire me and i hope we get to hang out a lot!

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