working hard or hardly working

Helping out can be so much fun! In the last couple of weeks I’ve been floating around from one friend to the next, stopping in at my daughter’s place in between.

I’ve done some digging, furniture moving, driving, concrete mixing, window cleaning, cooking, clothes washing, chook pen building, and given moral support where needed.

Now, this doesn’t seem all that fancy but you have to understand a few things:

One, not having a home of my own at the moment required some creative living – helping out a range of friends has supplied me with comfort and sustenance on many levels.

Two, I have had a bit of media publicity lately (mostly in Brazil and Spain) with some great support but also many dissenters. Many people think me lazy and a bludger. This hurts a bit but it really only hits home when I’m not out and about helping others. I don’t think I’m bludging at all, but there is always that critical voice in my head that can easily jump on board with the external critics.

Thirdly, this is what I really wanted to be doing when I started living without my own money. This is my very first journal entry after the decision was made to live a moneyless life:

April 25th 2014

There seems to be an amazingly easy way to touch real joy – help. In helping others, giving to others, we are able to feel again, in a way that not much else can bring. Maybe this is just for me, but I definitely see other people light up when they get the chance to really help another person – especially spontaneously. I wonder…..  I will watch some more. I will help some more…

I think maybe it is more beneficial for me to do something for another when it is spontaneous or not expected. I think this is better because it feels empowering at the same time. What a heady mix! When I have the power to choose when and how and how much to help another, I truly give from my heart. There is no involvement with the head and calculations about who does what and how much – estimating and equalising. I can give in a way that works for me and also make your life easier – it’s a good situation! I will do this more and more…….


And lastly, it’s just plain fun! I am able to pick and choose, hang out with friends, get to know new friends, work together for mutual benefit in a natural flow, see new places, meet new people, use old skills and learn new ones…..

I didn’t do this so much in my moneyed life – there wasn’t the time.

PS: Although some of these activities involve the use of fossil fuels, and I have chosen to live moneyless to try to minimise my personal use of fossil fuels, I’m not picky when it comes to getting jobs done with my friends – they just sometimes need help, regardless.


9 thoughts on “working hard or hardly working

  1. Complimenti:continua cosi,visto che ai trovato la felicita,e nel tuo orto continua a seminarla (la felicita) che e la cosa più importante che esista,perché ti da libertà e uno scopo nella vita. ciao,

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  2. Hola Jo! Saludos desde Ecuador!!
    Me encanta lo que haces y el motivo por el cual lo haces es lo mejor de todo!!. excelente!! 😀
    Realmente te admiro por tu esfuerzo y sacrificio para mostrar al mundo que hay formas de vivir la vida sin contaminar tanto y bajar el nivel de impacto que todos tenemos…, excelente, no pares!!, solo busca la forma que no te afecte tu salud!! , hay limites aveces!! y eres una gran voz para el mundo, merece estar viva la mayor cantidad de tiempo posible , seguir creciendo y hacer crecer a más gente!! felicitaciones!!
    Te has convertido en un signo Más (+) en ves de permanecer en el menos (-) como la mayoría… 🙂 Personalmente, trato todos los días de lograr esto en todo lo que consumo y hago. Comida 100% natural, caminar más, bicicleta en ves de auto, etc, etc.
    Sigue adelante, no pares, tienes todo el apoyo de los que creemos en una solución y lo practicamos el día a día, que la fuerza esté contigo 😉
    Un abrazo fraterno desde Guayaquil – Ecuador.

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  3. Jo, I am so interested in your type of life, could you send me an email address please? i would like to ask you some things!! i am happy, and respecful person. Love and light.

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