Living without money has not been difficult but the transition periods can be tricky. When starting out in a new place there is the need to plan – where and how will I access food, what vegies can I get growing quickly, what will my water source be……

I am currently planning my move to a new place. There will be a short stint in a tent so I can get a feel for the place and my friend (who has invited me to stay in the backyard), can get a feel for me and what it will be like having me living in the yard.

After a period of a week or two, if we are both satisfied, I will move a small ‘wagon’ (a kind of tiny house) into the yard and set up for a longer stay.


The idea is to create a mutually beneficial little hub of activity. I will help with growing food, keeping the yard tidy, perhaps help out with my friend’s kids if needed and just be around for other odd jobs. I will have a comfortable place to live where I can grow food and hang out with people who are of a similar persuasion.

My rudimentary planning currently looks like this:


This is the beginning of the next part of my moneyless adventure. I know it’s going to be fun. It’s an experiment in living the moneyless lifestyle in town, while also having the space to grow lots of food. We’ll see how it goes…….


49 thoughts on “transitions

    1. Coincido con PEPP, con una colmena de abejas y con la miel ya tendría para endulzar cualquier cosa, además, nutritivo.-Te felicito JO por haber adoptado el estilo de vida natural, si muchos hiciéramos lo mismo cuanto mejor estaría el planeta.Que Dios te acompañe en tu proyecto de vida y estilo solidario con los demás.Saludos desde Paraná-Argentina.-

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  1. Muy loable, mucha gente en mi país vive de lo que produce y es fantástico pensar en una vida así, es solo que uno vive y nace acostumbrado a lo que hoy en día la sociedad te ha marcado como esencial para vivir, pero el vivir como tú nos enseñaría a cuidar nuestro hogar llamado planeta, lo estamos destruyendo tan rápido y lo peor es que la mayoría de la gente en el planeta no se beneficia. Hoy en día ocurren tantas cosas, que a donde uyera uno sería lo mismo. Gracias por la enseñanza. Que grande..,!!!!!!

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  2. Hello Jo
    I don’t understand at all, do you want to live without money?
    Or do you want to live making money with your hands (I meaning all that you grow up, hand made pieces, etc?
    The bees is a good idea, lot of people like honey, you can change for somethings that you need, thought in corn, you can make lot of things growing up corn, and can prepare delicious.
    Jo well luck with your new life!!!
    I follow you since costa rica

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    1. Thanks Jose. I live without money because I find I spend money on things that have an environmental and social impact I’m uncomfortable with – this way, I don’t have to constantly watch my consumption….mostly. Cheers, Jo

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  3. Yeah Jo,
    I was reading some more of your blog understand better now,
    I love cooking with Firewood this because improving the taste of food but only do on occasions although this leads to a consumerism, but if I have a property I have to pay taxes, if I get sick I have to pay for drugs, if I have children I have to pay for your education, sorry I not criticize what you do, I admire him, so I think that there should be a flow of money either a reservation I think that anyone can live in nature but not anyone can live it.

    With love from costa rica

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    1. Yes, Jose, I understand. It’s easier for me here in Australia because we already have free healthcare and education (although maybe not for much longer). I don’t contribute financially anymore, but I contribute to my society in other ways. By reducing my consumerism so much I have also reduced the damage I personally inflict on the planet and others. At least, that’s my plan. Thanks for your comment. Jo 🙂

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  4. Hello,
    My name is Fabio. I am from Cuba but I am living now in Massachusetts, USA. So, maybe my English is not yet good enough. I am interested in several experiences that involve nature, spirituality and sustainable development. I mean we can contribute to society with money although avoiding certain stressful characteristic that appears when people let the money becomes a problem. Money is not good or bad, it is a tool or way, a medium of exchange; sometimes barter could not be possible. Changing our relation with money is very important but more important, as you are doing, is improving our relation with persons. Good luck!

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  5. Admiración y gracias por ser un gran ejemplo! saludos desde Perú. Muchos queremos seguir este camino. Una pregunta cómo pagas tu conexión a internet? Gracias. y Adelante!!

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  6. Hola desde Argentina! I applaud your way of living! Using your time to help others and taking care of the planet, what else do you need? Haha. I always felt attracted to this as I think that we dont need much to have a normal life and our time its the best gift we can give others. But its difficult for me sometimes to remember this but I try :). We forget sometimes that the earth has a lot to offer. Hang in there if it makes you and others happy! You are a great example! Bye!

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  7. Good election of way of live. Doing what es important for you and the best thing of all this is that you are following your heart and feelings.

    God bless you and be with you.

    Cheer up.

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  8. Sorry, I don’t speak english very well. Me gustaría conocer tu motivación vital para resistir tanta soledad, sin una familia.
    Eres una mujer muy valiente, digna de admiración.
    Ojalá tu ejemplo se extendiese en mi tierra.
    ¡Anda, por favor, vente…! ¿No te gustaría vivir con nosotros en las antípodas de Australia?
    ¡Animo y un besazo!


  9. Hi, Jo! While I admire your philosophy, I have to be honest and explain that what you are doing is just transfering goods and services from others to you (of course, you are using in a much more efficent way, as far as I can tell, but that’s all).

    As explained to José, you said earlier that it’s easier for you to live “without” money in Australia because of the “free” healthcare and such, but they actually aren’t free at all, as you of course know it; again, you are just using goods and services paid by those who work… your philosophy of causing a low impact is legit, but you surely would be making MUCH more for the environment and social matters if you invested A LOT of money and labor in agriculture instead.

    In fact, I think you are causing more harm than good, because you are relying on what people give to you, instead of improving poverty (through low consumism, which you are doing right now, but also through green investments – pun not intended) and avoiding as much as possible of “free” governmental things, and donations of your friends. With your intelligence and privilege in living in a first world country (in fact, Australia is the country with the second highest HDI in the whole world!), I invite you to survive without the dependence of friends/government/etc. white the aforementioned tips. Greetings from Santa Catarina, Brazil!


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Acaciosc1. While I understand your concerns about my approach, I find it is quite difficult to really transmit the reality of my lifestyle choices through the internet alone. When I can talk to people face-to-face I can explain my approach better and my motives are understood better. My intention is to live with a very low impact and I believe I am achieving that. I live self-sufficiently as much as I can so I am not a ‘burden’ to others. Yes, health care is an issue and as I did pay taxes before, I am not doing too badly using a doctor sometimes now. Really though we need to look at the issue as a whole system and it is the system as it currently operates that is creating so much destruction on our planet. I am simply trying to do it another way. I have not got it right – mine is just another tentative, experimental approach – but I am trying and I am very sure that I have drastically reduced my environmental footprint by living this way. Cheers, Jo

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      1. I meant “with”, not “white” in my previous post. Yes, Jo, I understand that your goal is to reduce environmental impact through an efficient way of life, but, again, you are relying on what others give to you, instead of investing your intelligence, time and money in productive affairs. You aren’t being helpful if your goods and services are simply being transfered from others to you; it is causing the opposite. Just think about those who REALLY need “free” governmental aid, donations, etc… Those governmental money could be applied to environmental needs, but are being WASTED (pardon the word used, but it’s the more appropriate to describe what’s going on) to a “socialist” cause. If you mixed a trully self-sustainable style (and not just a couple of fruits and such) with libertarianism, that would be great. But no, even for paper toilets you are relying on carity. Why don’t you cultive hmm, say, beans, and sell them for Bitcoins? Bitcoins cause less environmental impacts than fiat currency, AFAIK. Not to say that agriculture is essential for life and you would be helping to reduce the price of the beans. At least here in Brazil they are damn too expensive! 😉

        Oh, and I don’t need to have a face to face conversation to understand your views. In fact, you are using online resources to spread your ideas and ideals exactly because you are fully aware that it’s not needed to talk in person to show to the world what you are and aren’t doing. Cheers, Acácio Florentino.

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      2. I mean, it seems easy for some people to assume that I rely completely on using other people and their resources. I think this assumption comes from me saying how generous people have been to me. Yes, people have been generous but I have really tried to mostly use left-over or waste products from others. I am quite self reliant. I don’t take from the government except for 2 visits to the doctor in the past 18 months. My cause isn’t ‘socialist’. In fact, I don’t know if any label really fits. I just don’t want to use new resources for me as the environmental and social drain is more than I can feel comfortable with. So I would like to clarify, I don’t rely on others, but I do use their excess.

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  11. La Trampita en el Discurso esta en “lo productivo” .Compadre EL MUNDO NO DA PARA ESE MODELO matematico.El MUNDO No es infinito.Y ESE ES EL PROPIO Discurso Que Nos ocupa.Y Esto Es Todo Un ejemplo.GRACIAS por demo strarlo .Mereces Todo El Apoyo.


  12. Something I’ve been pondering of late…why does driver training not include the environmental impacts of it? Everyone should have full knowledge just how the car and it’s fuels are impacting the planet. Be tested on it as well. If you cannot use this tool responsibly then you cannot use it. It makes sense to me.


  13. Maybe from the above comments people don’t realise that you do spend time assisting others in non monetary ways, that are valuable for our society. Many people care for others and perform voluntary service that is just as valuable, if not more so, than paid work. Being able to give the gift of time is rare in itself in our current society.

    While I understand the comments that some people don’t have a choice but to live simply and on the leftovers from others, by sharing your journey you are showing this as a desirable way to live for the future of the planet, not as a result of poverty or discrimination. You make us think more broadly about how we could exist as a society by considering the impact of all our decisions and living more simply. I’m speaking in the context of a middle class white Australian.

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    1. I appreciate your understanding and support so much. It’s very rewarding for me when I am backed up by people such as yourself who really seem to get where I’m coming from. Thanks 🙂


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