smoke and mirrors

I spoke a few days ago at a local sustainability festival. The topic of the Ethical Economics panel I was part of was ‘ Can Capitalism ever be beautiful?’

When our moderator, Tom, directed a question about ‘abundance’ to me I answered with this:

“I’m not sure about the term ‘abundance’ when referring to the spiritual belief that things can somehow come to us if we just have the right attitude, but I do know that we live in a world where there is ‘peak’ stuff. We have enough to go around, here in the West at least, we just need to keep it moving.”

Then I gave this example:

“At the moment, I am in need of a comb and a mirror. I am quite confident they will come my way in the not-too-distant future. I have found, in this lifestyle I’m living, that there is often plenty of excess around (even just among my friends). Some excess of theirs usually meets a need of mine if I wait – and vice versa”.

The moment I said this to the crowd, Tom passed his spare comb down the row of panelists to me (and jokingly asked for $15 for it). Within minutes, as we wrapped up the panel discussion, an audience member came up to me and handed me a small pocket mirror.  

In a slightly triumphant gesture demonstrating the goodness of the people around me, I held the two items up for all to see and was met with cheers and applause.

This is what some would call ‘abundance’ and what I see as a fine example of ‘peak’ stuff.

Pass things around, people, for there is enough for all.

PS. I had, within a couple of hours, passed the mirror on to a friend who had greater need of it than me. There are enough mirrors to go around.


3 thoughts on “smoke and mirrors

  1. I Love it, love it, love it!!! Jo, you’re spot on and what a fantastic reminder that we all have more than enough. Makes me think what I could share. I often find people do not express the little needs where the next door neighbor actually can help. They say I need a million, or a new car, etc… with that I can’t help. But I can help with a pot or some dishes, or books, etc.

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  2. Strange, I feel far from abundant at the moment but I also recognise it is just a feeling. I am in fear that there will not be enough in the future and if I give it all away how will I be prepared for what is to come. Perhaps your example of just being in this moment is enough. You are inspiring and scary.

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