climate change made me do it

I feel like a little kid stomping my foot, pointing and shouting about the unfairness of it all! It’s climate change’s fault! I want to scream, rant, wail, rail against the injustice. Why did I have to be here in this time of climate upheaval? Why am I forced to make choices that cause me […]

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the independence myth

The story of  independence/dependence is one of contention in my moneyless life. I sit between competing worldviews and internal voices. Below are two pieces of writing created at different times in the last few months. Does the truth lie somewhere in between?   ‘Independence’: I’m feeling bad. I have been too dependent on others for […]

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For the first time in my moneyless experiment I’ve been on a trip to places where there wasn’t the comfort of old friends at the other end. This time lots of new friendships were formed. Camaraderie and kindness was shown by a plethora of amiable and delightful people. I am now safely ensconced back home processing […]

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My new outhouse is built with old things and I love it. There’s the old pallets for walls – washed up in the floods and painted with old paint a friend no longer needed. There’s the old sheets of corrugated iron for a roof from a guy who wanted it gone from his place. There’s […]

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little blue wagon

Me and my little blue wagon are parked up at my lovely friend, Kim’s, farm now.  The big flood forced a relocation – from Martyn’s to Kim’s, just around the corner. To keep the farmgirl in me happy, I will call Kim’s ‘farm’ a farm even though it’s a medium sized town block in Lismore. […]

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People often ask: “What is the hardest thing about living without money? “What did you give up to do this”? I usually give a fairly benign answer like “I hate handwashing” or “I miss hot running water”. I have not, to date, been completely honest about what I really gave up and what I miss […]

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