smoke and mirrors

I spoke a few days ago at a local sustainability festival. The topic of the Ethical Economics panel I was part of was ‘ Can Capitalism ever be beautiful?’ When our moderator, Tom, directed a question about ‘abundance’ to me I answered with this: “I’m not sure about the term ‘abundance’ when referring to the […]

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our true nature

The world I inhabit has come to the fore. In the last three weeks, my hometown of Lismore has seen a massive surge in localised sharing and caring, collaborating and giving – most of it moneyless. Some horrendous flooding caught a lot of people off guard and damaged homes and businesses, leaving many locals in […]

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The thought of embarking on a moneyless life initially filled me with anxiety about food supplies. Now, after two years, I am feeling very relaxed. In fact, I find myself basking in the abundance of food around me. Born lucky (or privileged), in a comfortable middle-class white family in a safe Western country, I have […]

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setting up camp

Here’s a bit of an overview of the process I’ve been going through setting up my new moneyless, low impact home. The little wagon arrived onsite (Martyn’s backyard) about a month ago and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started on making my new home a home. My very handy, hardworking, knowledgeable, generous […]

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the question of convenience

My resolve has given way to convenience. My fossil fuel footprint has increased recently because it was convenient – not vital, just convenient. I am still suffering from fossil fuel addiction. My new home is a little wagon – a tiny house on wheels. Sadly, the one downfall of such an abode is it requires […]

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being of service

One of the benefits of living without money is the freedom it allows me to be of service. I like that I am not off to work 8 hours a day, with little time or energy at the end of the day to really help. I’ve given myself the freedom to be able to give from the […]

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Living in the Moment

I sit here in my friend’s home, with all the physical comforts I could possibly need, reading new research on our climate’s demise. I have lost a close friend, am supporting my very dear friend in her time of greatest need and have said a final goodbye to my special someone who has rocked my […]

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