Living without money has not been difficult but the transition periods can be tricky. When starting out in a new place there is the need to plan – where and how will I access food, what vegies can I get growing quickly, what will my water source be…… I am currently planning my move to […]

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Bartering as a means of exchange in this moneyless life is not as common as you might think. While a very useful tool in some circumstances, I have not used it very often. I tend to find myself helping out people I know – friends and family – in a very informal way. I’ve found […]

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working hard or hardly working

Helping out can be so much fun! In the last couple of weeks I’ve been floating around from one friend to the next, stopping in at my daughter’s place in between. I’ve done some digging, furniture moving, driving, concrete mixing, window cleaning, cooking, clothes washing, chook pen building, and given moral support where needed. Now, […]

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where to next

I am a very fortunate person, living a privileged life in a wealthy country. Choosing to live without money, I still have a much easier life than so many in this world.  At the moment though, I am feeling the stress of being temporarily homeless even as I know millions of people around the world feel […]

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the great tea crisis of 2016

It’s finally happened. Three days ago I ran out of milk! I knew this day would come and I dreaded its arrival. I have now consumed several cups of unmilked tea and I’m feeling nervous – will life be the same without milky tea….. Luckily, I don’t have many ‘addictions’ that have made living without […]

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mum’s hankies

Who would have thought something as banal as nose wiping gear could be so full of meaning? I’ve found this a common occurrence living without money – little things loaded with significance, value, richness. The little becomes big. While visiting my parents the other day, the subject of tissues came up – probably because I […]

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family cloths

I’m feeling brave today. I’m ready to let you know about my new ‘luxury’ product. Welcome to the world of the ‘family cloth’. That’s the name given to these special items in certain online communities. They’re basically just rags I’ve taken to using instead of toilet paper (just for wees at the moment – still […]

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